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  • Blog A little bit of history from Los Cabos.
A little bit of history from Los Cabos.

A little bit of history from Los Cabos.


¿Did you knew that the first millionare from los de old or Baja California was an ex soldier from a penitentiary?

According to the records from the first jesuitas that arrived to the peninsula californiana, (or from baja california) the first rich man from this territory was Don Manuel de Ocio, who had been a soldier from the penitentiary of Loreto (old capital of this unified territory) which mision was funded in the year 1697. Later Don Manuel became interested he began to negotiate with the collection of pearls of the peninsula, considered as the best of the world, and since then he became the richest man in his time of this territory.

¿Did you knew that queen Isabel II visit La Paz?

The 22 of february of 1983, queen Isabel II of England arrived to the city of La Paz in a touristic visit, to visit the capital of the state where they emerge the very famouse and well known pearls. In that time, the state of Baja California was governed by Alberto Andrés Alvarado Arámburo, who ordered the construction of a dock of Wood which was solicitated by the english queen so that she didn’t mess up her shoes with the sand.

¿Did you know that Cabo San Lucas is known to be the worldwide capital of the marlin?

The ideal months to catch this fish are may, june, december and january in the famous Cortez ocean or California gulf.

¿Did you knew that in los cabos the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Cortes Ocean met?

UNESCO declared that 244 islands and protected areas of this region to be part of World Heritage, this is because in this sea there are more than 1 thousand different species between fish and mammals.

Did you knew that in Los Cabos was filmed the movie of Troya?

This is thanks to the proximity between the great productions from Hollywood to Los Cabos. Also and mainly because of the beautiful scenarios that are created between the blue of his ocean and the arid desert.

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