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Cabos Original Sunset Cruise

Cabos Original Sunset Cruise. Cabos Original Sunset Cruise aboard some of the best Catamaran, state-of-the-art and full-service catamarans in the destination.
Each catamaran is motorized and for sailing, designed specifically for a very quiet, comfortable and smooth ride.
Our catamaran tours begin in the Cabo San Lucas Marina, glide around the Arch at Land’s End, the Sea Lion Colony and then onward to the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula.
Include a coastline tour where you will encounter a landscape with the perspective from the sea showcasing an abundance of residential areas and resorts.
The reason for the popularity for a Sunset Cruise aboard a catamaran is that each voyage is completely unique as aquatic life and sunsets never repeat themselves.
There is nothing more majestic than having soft breezes blowing through your hair and no better way to experience Land’s End and the mystical Arch.
During the Cabo San Lucas Sunset Cruise, you will experience the illuminated city at twilight, disembark and be able to enjoy the Cabo San Lucas nightlife if you are in the mood.


$109.00 USD
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  • 2 Hour Sunset Cruise On A Catamaran Sailboat Full Domestic Open Bar Bilingual Crew (Spanish
  • English) Restrooms Fully Coastguard-Approved Safety Equipment


  • Transportation To/From Cabo San Lucas Marina Aside Cruise Ship Pier – Specific Directions To Provide Taxi Driver Provided Upon Tour Confirmation Optional Gratuities 2 usd port fee access

What to Bring



  • 2.5 Hrs
This price includes transportation
Cabos Original Sunset Cruise
Cabos Original Sunset Cruise
Cabos Original Sunset Cruise
Cabos Original Sunset Cruise
Cabos Original Sunset Cruise
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